Why Should I Care?

  36 million

36 million adults in the US have limited English or reading skills and more than 60 million can’t do simple math.


Low-skilled adults are:

  • 2X 

    more likely to be unemployed

  • 3X 

    as likely to be in poverty

  • 4x 

    as likely to be in poor health

  • 8x

    as likely to be incarcerated

7.5 million          

By 2020, the American Action Forum projects that the US will be short an estimated 7.5 million private sector workers across all skill levels.



Inmate participation in adult education reduced recidivism by 29%, making communities safer.



Adults with a high school diploma or GED were more likely to work full time and average 20% higher earnings ($30,000) than those without a diploma.



In a recent survey, 92% of business leaders thought that US workers were not as skilled as they needed to be since 63% of all US jobs require education beyond high school.


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